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About Vince Fichera

A former chef and restaurant owner, Vince Fichera was born and raised in the Boston area. He currently resides in San Diego, where his passion for painting was first discovered, and where he also trains amateur/professional cyclists and triathletes.

Vince’s talent for painting was revealed much like its development has progressed – organically and with a degree of serendipity: a willingness to be inspired by accidents and whims rather than start with a preconceived plan or subject matter.

His painting process seems to propel itself under its own power. It develops through a series of actions and reactions to the paint as it is applied to the canvas. The painting’s compositional elements constantly evolve – although with less and less freedom (or, more and more control) as the work progresses.

Finally, the work is complete – a conclusion arrived at by way of feeling rather than analysis – with little in the way of explanation of the journey. Signed V. Fichera, the journey is itself now revealed on the canvas.

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